Once again, Tom is setting the pace for where blues will go next...
..All Alone (With The Blues) 100% Acoustic!

All Alone (With The Blues)


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Game Changer Story Song 10

   Thanks for all the love and positive support for this series about the story behind the music of the Game Changer album. It was fun to record the album, and I am having a great time going back to recount the details of composing and recording it. Song 10 is From the Country. I’ll say right up front the premise of this tune:  yep,...

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Game Changer Story Songs 8-9

   Song eight was a radical juxtaposition from the traditional Gospel song that preceded it on the disc, LOL. Kinna Way is Hip Hop. A Blues guy doing Hip Hop? Yup.   In the late 90’s my bass man Charles Calloway brought in Dr. Dre’s new album 2001. It was R and B, and Hip Hop/ Rap. I loved the fresh beats and immediately started...

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Game Changer Story, Part 4 (5-7)

The story of the music on my new album Game Changer now continues, with details of songs five through seven.    For my next trick, we come to song five, Deep Soul Kiss. This joint is pure Soul Blues, a Slo- Jamm, 50’s style. I wanted to capture the memory of that first romantic slow dance at your very first dance, in the gym, in junior...

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Game Changer Story, Part 3 (1-4)

   As mentioned above, this next segment will be a song by song tour of the tunes on the Game Changer album.    The first guiding idea behind the CD was to go back to my influences and pay tribute to the music that has inspired me over the years. That would range from the traditional acoustic and electric Blues that I played when I first...

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Game Changer Radio Airplay Tonight!!

The Game Changer album is being featured tonight, Saturday, April 2, On WESR The Shore, Onley, Va. from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM! Listen online by clicking here: Listen online at http://l.facebook.com/l/yAQFiOOC5AQGzEDQizk1tFsQWTyILO2Fx_meNwblIh8jppA/ShoreDailyNews.com Tune in for some fresh tuneage, and be sure to show them some love for giving us...

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Game Changer Story, Pt. 2

     The first session for the new CD was in early March of 2015, and it marked the beginning of an amazing journey. The project took place at the home studio of my recording engineer, Jimmy Rowbottom, who I came to call Jimmy Engineer,  to avoid confusion with the other Jimmy I work with on stage, my bass player, Jimi Kozmik...

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The Game Changer Story, part one.

  In the fall of 2014, a marvelous and still somewhat puzzling event occurred for Bluesman Tom Larsen: I composed way more than 50 songs in a period of less than 6 weeks.   In 2010 I had moved in with my elderly Mother and had been preoccupied with doing eldercare for her. Between getting her home and affairs in order,...

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Mid Atlantic Blues Festival: Regional talent ROCKS!!

At the risk of being a lil’ “political,” Yo Dre I got somethin’ to say: While I’m glad to see the appearance of BIG regional Blues Festivals, (God Bless ’em, everybody please support them), the acts featured are usually “national” groups, and the local/regional acts are routinely overlooked. The...

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