Game Changer Album CD Release Partay @ Bethany Blues!!

Bluesman TL Band unleashed the new Game Changer album at Bethany Blues last Saturday! The enthusiastic audience was treated to live versions of the new, all original material, which was very well received. Kudos to BTL members Jimi Kozmik Stewart and Sam Wiz Cook for standout performances.

The new songs cross many musical genres, all Bluesy, and all danceable. The response in the house and on the dance floor was immediate and passionate.

Also noteworthy was that it was a family affair, with many of the Bluesman TL band members and associates in attendance. Shout out to my brothers from another mother, Elwood Bishop and Keith Brooks, both members of the Bluesman TL Band.

 Also showin’ love and support were our  cousins from Hip Hop group extraordinaire, Uprizing, James Super Stewart and Marcus Clark.

One of the new songs is entitled “It came from tha Country,” and it features a bass line performed on a jug, and the back beat played on a coffee can!! The Bluesman TL Jug Band made its debut, to wild applause!

Add in the professional photography by Debbie Marvel and Triple Double Photography, a stellar job by Chris M. at the sound board and the helpful and friendly staff at Bethany Blues, not to mention the Killer Food, and a great time was had by all.

Be sure to catch us there again on Saturday, April 2, 2016!!Bethany Blues CD Release 2-6-16 Zone Band Bethany Blues CD Release 2-6-16 Dancers Bethany Blues CD Release 2-6-16 Jug Band! Bethany Blues CD Release 2-6-16 Family shot


  1. Proud to know you all. More proud to be a blues bassist. Wish was there, glad your keeping on keeping on. PZ aka Deepfrequency (a David Adams nom de plume)

  2. Jimmy Rowbottom

    Wow, Jimi ripping it up on the jug, sorry I missed it!

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