John Postley Tribute Concert – August 23, 2013 – Salisbury, Maryland




Bluesman TL and the Looking For Trouble Band reunited for a special concert tribute in August for one of Tom’s former bassists, Big John Postley. Very well attended event for a great, talented man. The Post Man played with the Bluesman first in the mid-80’s and then again in the mid-90’s. He was a true “natural” musician, self-taught with a unique style of bass playing. He played left-handed, with the bass backwards and the strings upside down. He had a totally individual style of plucking the strings; after close to ten years with him as my bass player, I never did figure out exactly how he did it, but it was fascinating to watch! The audiences loved him too, and fans still ask about him and remember him fondly to this day. Rest in peace, Brotha John.

Postleyportrait Postley 2013 TL van sign Postley 2


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  1. Brotha, John INDEED! Take my axe flip it over tear up the crowd hand it back and leave me to pick up the pieces. Years ahead of all the rest. Packed mega-watts of energy into a driving bass that moved the dancers to dancefloor. God Bless the child.
    -PZ aka DeepFrequency

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