The Game Changer Story, part one.


  In the fall of 2014, a marvelous and still somewhat puzzling event occurred for Bluesman Tom Larsen: I composed way more than 50 songs in a period of less than 6 weeks.
  In 2010 I had moved in with my elderly Mother and had been preoccupied with doing eldercare for her. Between getting her home and affairs in order, running my business and performing with my band, and trying to fit in sporadic attempts to move from my own home and downsize, the spare time to work on new music just did not exist for the first four years.
  In early November of 2014, for whatever reason, the log jam was broken, the dam burst and a remarkable and astounding flood of new music started to rage forth. First it was three songs in one night, then two songs two days later, then another three, in a torrent that just would not stop. The music showed up every time I picked up a guitar, when I was riding down the road to a gig, when I was asleep, and it just kept coming.
  Bluesman was rolling with it, determined to stay ahead of the curve and make the most of it. I routinely have pad and pen in every room of the house, including the bathroom, with a tape recorder in bed with me, one under the seat of the van, one in the kitchen, etc. 24/7, the songs kept coming!
  As much as I enjoy travelling and performing live for audiences, the creative part of the process- composing new music, forging the arrangements and then making them come to life in the studio, has always been a favorite. It was a refreshing change, and it was welcome.
  The first challenge was to decide which song, which groove and which beat would go on the new album, the eleventh. The working title became “1311.”   It became evident right away that these new songs would more than be enough for THREE, (or FOUR!) albums.
  That made organization a little easier; 1311 would be a Dance Blues album, covering every style and genre that I had ever performed or been affected by.   (1312 will be more on the acoustic side, with solo and duo, and small trio performances. 1313 will be VERY special, and VERY distinctive, a big departure from all that has come before. Recording for 1312 and 1313 will begin in a couple of months, Spring of 2016.)
  Back to the story of 1311:  November and December 2014 were two months of intense composition. January of 2015 was a month of song selection for 1311, then coming up with the arrangements for the new tunes.
  Originally, 1311 was going to be recorded at the studio of my bass player and close family friend, Elwood Bishop. As the month of February passed, it became apparent that schedules were not going to permit going forward on this project at Elwood’s studio, at that present time.
   I was very fortunate to hear from my band photographer, Triple Double Photography’s Debbie Marvel, that Randy Lee Ashcraft’s guitar player, Jimmy Rowbottom, had a home studio and did occasional recording projects.   In March, 2015 the first recording session was booked. Something clicked, and a great working relationship was born!

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    Sounds good to me Mr. Bluesman….. will let you know more as I am still reading and of course….LISTENIN

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