First professional review of Stronger As I Go Longer!

Bluesman Tom Larsen Stronger as I Go Longer

(Review by David J. Pollay Bestselling author of The Law of the Garbage Truck)

Bluesman Tom Larsen has created a musical masterpiece with his newly released album, Stronger as I Go Longer. The way Tom combines the earthly grit and guts of the Blues with the gratitude and grace of Gospel music is awesome.

In order to help bring his masterpiece to life, Bluesman Tom pairs himself with some of the most inspired and talented Gospel singers today.

In one of my favorite songs on the album, “Thru It,” Tom nimbly weaves in and out of the chorus, joining in at just the right moment to emphasize a word or phrase and then suddenly connecting to the chorus again, singing in unison with Committed to Serve and popping out once more to sing the essential narrative of the song – that we will make it through the tough times. We are not alone – He’ll take you through it.

Tom’s voice has the feel of a Blues and Gospel wise man – a man as deep as he is strong. Tom has range, too – able to take some of the higher notes with his guest artists.

Bluesman Tom is a mountain of a man who sings with so much warmth and depth that it feels as though his voice carries every triumph and every heartache of all the people he has ever met.

Bluesman Tom did a superb job of composing the all-original songs he sings on Stronger as I Go Longer. The lyrics are uplifting, the music is elevating, and Tom’s guitar playing is captivating.

If this is the new direction Bluesman Tom is taking the Blues, count me in. To quote a line from “Praise Him.” Tom sings, “I don’t preach, but I surely will testify.”

And testify he does in every song, leaving us more hopeful, joyful, and grateful.

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