Stronger as I Go Longer


​ Bluesman Tom Larsen’s 13th album is a return to his earliest roots, Black Gospel music. Two years before he started the Tom Larsen Blues Band, with Samuel Pipsie James and Maurice James, while attending the University of Md. Eastern Shore, he was a member of that HBCU’s Gospel Choir, performing at A.M.E. churches regionally.

The impassioned and soulful music he heard and participated in influenced him deeply, and left its mark on his music forever.

” With this album I can go back home to my friends, who were there with me at the beginning, and pay tribute to the great Gospel music that I love.”

“But most importantly, it is my chance to acknowledge that I would never have survived 40 years in the music business, in the studio and out there on the road, without help from Above. Amen.”