The Big Three

    Hey there peoples, time to get back active with my Warrior Fitness writing. I have been working out and making major accomplishments in the last few years, just been too busy to write about it!
  A few basics, to get back on track. It is called Warrior Fitness because I am the Warrior Poet. (see my second book, of the same title).  I feel that a great-souled-person should be spiritually​ active, mentally active, and physically active. All three areas should be challenged and developed.  My Warrior Fitness writings deal with the physical side, sometimes with spiritual overtones.
   I train because I want to be ready; ready for anything that comes up.   Every year, at least two or three times, usually unexpectedly, something extremely physically challenging will confront me.  I deal with it and go, “Wow, this is where guys my age have heart attacks, sheesh, glad I was in shape.”  That alone is very motivational.
   Also, my ego just won’t allow me to be that fat, ex-jock. Vanity, thy name is Bluesman, LOL!!!
   I also started Warrior Fitness to answer questions from my fans about what I do to get in shape. I am humbled that they would ask, and I want to help.
   I will say up front that I am not genetically gifted, I wasn’t born with strength and muscles. I had to work for it, for many years.
   With that said, my message is, if I can do it, so can anybody. Literally.
  Case in point:       I was the live in caregiver for my 90 plus year old Mom. I encouraged her to(MADE her, lol) walk every day. It kept her mobile and moving. As a matter of fact, she was walking when she passed away. Active to the end!
  But, here’s the real point:      I got her some 2 lb. dumbbells and had her do arm curls. After just a few weeks, she had some guns! No sh*t, her arm muscles got bigger and stronger!!  Anyone, at any age, can build muscle, build stamina, get more flexibility, gain weight, lose weight, and/or make cardio improvement.
   I will cut to the chase. There are three keys to achieving your fitness goals. Just three.   Those three are the Workout, the Diet, and getting sufficient Rest.   No matter what your fitness goals are, if you​ work those three areas correctly, you WILL succeed.
   First up, the Workout. Decide what you want to accomplish and put together exercises that will help you get there. The key is to get started, wherever you are, and work for regular, incremental progress.   My advice is to find something you enjoy doing. Anything. Just keep showing up and doing it regularly. Start out walking, plain old getting your stroll on. Try to go an extra 50 feet each day, until you’re doing a 1/2 mile. Then  a mile, then a faster pace, then try short jogs, etc.
   For strength, get some dumbbells. If you can do two sets of five, next time try two sets of six, etc. Start wherever you are, then gradually add to it. You WILL progress and get stronger. If my Mom could do it, so can you.
   Next up, Diet. You are building a better you, time to Feed the Machine. Start by cutting down on sweets and sodas, anything with sugar. Yuck. More protein for more strength, fewer carbs and some fat is ok.   When I was working to put on muscle weight I tried drinking protein shakes between meals and it worked like a charm. Now that I’m older and want to keep the fat off, I do more raw veggies, more running and moderate protein. But yo, gotta have my protein, I’m a Meat-a-tarian!
   And the third part of the Big Three:  Rest!    This is the area that always seems the easiest to underestimate. Yeah, yeah, get enough rest/sleep, good for you, blah-blah. But it is probably THE most essential of the Big Three.
   When you push yourself working out, your body needs time to rebuild itself. When the seemingly endless stress keeps coming at you all day, you need to shut it down, go away for a while and conk out.
   When I was on my above-mentioned quest to gain muscle, the protein shakes helped, for a while, then I hit a plateau. I tried taking an afternoon nap, and BANG, I added 20 pounds of meat to my bod.   Don’t skimp on the rest!!
   I have a lot more to say about all of this. Feel free to email me and I would be glad to point you in the right direction.   Whatever your current shape and health, it can be improved. Like I had my Mom repeat back to me when preparing for our daily walk:   “I can, and I WILL !”
   There it is.

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