First professional review of Stronger As I Go Longer!

Bluesman Tom Larsen Stronger as I Go Longer (Review by David J. Pollay Bestselling author of The Law of the Garbage Truck) Bluesman Tom Larsen has created a musical masterpiece with his newly released album, Stronger as I Go Longer. The way Tom combines the earthly grit and guts of the Blues with the gratitude…



   Over my long and varied career as a traveling music performer my band was known to many people and assigned many labels.    Of course, we were Blues, but also very different, with our funk, jazz and rock influences, rhythm section solos and showmanship, etc.   Folks couldn’t exactly peg us, but they tried, LOL.…

Warrior Fitness

The Big Three

​    Hey there peoples, time to get back active with my Warrior Fitness writing. I have been working out and making major accomplishments in the last few years, just been too busy to write about it!  A few basics, to get back on track. It is called Warrior Fitness because I am the Warrior Poet.…

Bluesman Tom Larsen

Bluesman Tom Larsen is a musician, recording artist, author and publisher with a 40-year discography of Blues,  R&B, and Gospel.

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